Weekly Photo Challenge: HOME

I currently do not own my own home and I rent a room in a house with 5 other girls.  Our house is very old and is falling apart, so I did not want to post it.  Since I grew up in NY and now live in CA, I couldn’t just go out and take a short drive to photograph some of my old homes that I grew up in. So for this weeks challenge, I am posting a picture I took over the weekend while I was up in Big Bear Mountains.  It was a home I saw while walking around by the lake.  It is what I would like as a dream get-away home some day.  The home looks like it is spacious and not too old.  It has no other homes around it and is sort of tucked in the trees and overlooks the lake.  To me it is the perfect get-away spot to come to when you need a relaxing break from life/reality.  You can enjoy nature and peace and tranquility all tucked away in this home.


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