Today I have the priviledge to be a Featured Blogger.  One of my blog buddies, Elizabeth, at Mirth and Motivation, was kind enough to feature me as this weeks Getting to Know You – Featured Blogs.  She is graciously taking the time to feature a different blog each week, through an interview, picture, and quote format.  It is a great way to get to know new bloggers and I hope to making new blogging friends through it 🙂

Here is an excerpt from the post:

One of the first things I noticed about Stacey when we connected online was her fascination with shoes. Shoes are in her blog name, Walk A Mile In My Shoes, a single red shoe sits on her blog masthead, and lots more are in the background of hertwitter page… You see, I love shoes too so I can relate. But there is more to Stacey Archer.  She is an accomplished photographer, a woman of faith, a sports fan, friend, traveler, craft-maker and more. In addition to shoes, she loves jewelry, makeup, and Coach purses. If you were to visit her at home, she’d probably whip up a delicious dish and soon have you watching a hockey, football or baseball game.  She has a beautiful smile and her heart is as big as her smile; she sponsors two children; a boy in Peru, and a girl in Brazil, through a charitable organization – Compassion International.

When I sent out the call for bloggers in the Daily Post Challenge to join in and be featured, Stacey stopped in and I’m glad to feature her as this week’s “Get To Know” blogger. Stacey works as a service coordinator for developmentally disabled young adults; ages 12-24. She helps her clients, in collaboration with their parents, to set goals and obtain supportive services; she also provides advocacy skills for them in their schools and communities. After her clients complete their education, she assists them in transitioning into the next phase of their lives by helping them decide What’s Next: Be it through a day program, a job in the community or a sheltered workshop. Every day, she comes to her job with compassion and care; listening and remembering that until we walk in another person’s shoes, we cannot claim to know what is best for them. Join me in welcoming Stacey Archer.

To read the complete post, please click here.  Also please stop by Elizabeth’s blog and see all of the amazing post that she rights and check out her other featured bloggers.

Many thanks to you, Elizabeth, for the featured post!


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Life is a journey that I believe we are meant to walk together...so please Walk a Mile with me. View all posts by Stacey

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