Count your blessings

Last night, two of my friends had to make a very difficult decision to take their 2 week old son off of life support.  He was born with several birth defects and developmental delays.  The defects were detected mid-pregnancy during an ultrasound and the parents were originally told that the baby would likely die in-utero or within minutes to hours of being delivered (which had to be via c-section).  This baby boy defeated the odds and survived for 2 weeks, but not without so many complications.  My intent is not to make you feel sorry for them, because they know their baby boy is now with Jesus and is completely healed and free of all pain and suffering.  My point is to make you aware that life is so short. We never know how much time we have, whether its mere minutes, many years, or just 2 weeks.  My friends knew the odds of survival would be basically none, but they trusted in God and tried to enjoy every single second of their sweet baby boy’s short little life.   If you are religious and would like to pray for their family, I would greatly appreciate it (and I’m sure they would too). Mostly I would just like for you to take a moment (or longer) and reflect on your blessings, realizing every gift you have received in the form of a family member or friend.  Maybe even call them, send an email or Facebook message, something to just acknowledge them and love on them.  No matter how hard life can be sometimes, your family and friends are so important and hopefully you consider them to be your best blessing in life.


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