Seasons Change


by: Stacey


With everything, there is a season.

A time of birth, growth, joy,

new life springing up around you.

Exciting new creations, wonders,

soft colors becoming increasingly vibrant,

drawing you in as you watch everything grow and develop.

A little while later, everything around you is in full bloom.

Colors are radiating their light, the world seems as if it is

bursting with life and energy and warmth.

A gust of wind comes rushing in,

bringing with it a season of change.

Things start to become dull and lackluster,

Energy begins to whittle away, the flowers wilt;

the leaves change color and fall away.

Slowly the end creeps in.

The season of cold and rest takes over.

It’s coldness surrounds you with its billowing blankets of snow

and icicles that decorate houses and trees, dangling as an ever present reminder.

Time seems to stand still, frozen, just as the ground has frozen up.

You begin to lose hope, and wonder when this season will pass.

Just as you feel your last bit of hope slipping away,

you look out the window and see the snow and ice melting away,

little blades of grass peeking through.

Trees start to produce their blooms

and color once again emerges, bringing us back

to new life and a renewed spirit.

This is the magic of the seasons.

We can take hope that there is a time for everything

and know that the dark, cold, colorless seasons do not last forever,

bringing forth new life and change.


About Stacey

Life is a journey that I believe we are meant to walk please Walk a Mile with me. View all posts by Stacey

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