2 down, 10 to go

For those of us participating in the PostADay2011 Challenge, we are just wrapping up our 2nd month, with 10 left to go.

Like last month, I managed to post basically every day, I think only missing one or two.  I wrote 2 more poems, and posted a letter I had written en route to visit my grandfather, who was dying of cancer.  I joined a few more challenges, such as the Thursday Photo Challenge, the Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge, and the Random Blog 2011 Challenge, and have met even more new people and interesting blogs that I have subscribed to.

I think my biggest accomplishment this month was reaching my 100th post!  I also had one day where I had 101 blog views :), and another day I came close with 94!

What are your thoughts so far with this challenge (or any other challenge you are participating in)?  Are you enjoying it?  What have you accomplished this month?  What works best for you to keep up with your blog? Do you have any tips/strategies you could share?


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13 responses to “2 down, 10 to go

  • Theresa

    Congrats on the challenges! I started with Post A Week and Randomblog, and recently added Post A Day. I made a promise that if I missed a day or two or more that I wouldn’t beat myself up over it! Good luck to you 😀

  • Marge Katherine Mercurio

    Hi Stacy – it’s great to have a challege to work towards! Last weekend I had a 3 day seminar so I put 3 days worth of posts up and scheduled them to publish over the weekend. It helped keep me on schedule and better yet, I had to get organized ahead of time to get those posts up and ready!

    I love meeting everyone too and understanding how great it is to connect with people across the nation and the world!

    It’s all good stuff!


  • jeanne

    Stacey, those are impressive stats. You will be freshly pressed in no time at all.

  • Nicole


    Congrats, Stacy – big accomplishments deserve big applause (clapping!!!!)

    I’ve really enjoyed participating in the PostADay and PostAWeek, though I’ve missed a day or two. But, just like Theresa, I don’t beat myself up when life gets in the way and I don’t post.

    My biggest accomplishment thus far has been my 1,000-th visitor. I was so excited that I literally sat by the computer most of the day watching the stat counter just waiting…waiting….YAY!!!!!! Whomever that 1,000th person was, they made my day!

    The “weekly photo challenge” has been wonderful, I love to see how different people interpret the week’s theme.

    Keep up the good work and happy blogging!!!!

  • Patti

    My thoughts on the postaday challenge – It’s interesting for me to realize how planning on writing something every day for public consumption changes how I look at things and think about things. It helps me to see more in what is happening around me as I work out how best to express it.

  • Charlie Courtois

    Kudos Stacey,
    I wish I could say the same, but I just have too many blogs! But, I made a try. 🙂
    Take care, Charlie

  • classyrose

    Congratulations Stacey, “Freshly Pressed” then “published”, I can see that happening to you. You’re an excellent writer/poet.

    You’ve read about the challenges I’ve had and you also know I try to share as much as I can with everyone on the blog. Look for more tips/strategies coming your way. 🙂

    • Stacey

      Thank you so much Rose, not only for your kind words, but for your encouragement. I also greatly appreciate your tips/strategies that you continue to post on your blog….they are always so helpful to me. I hope that soon I can be Freshly Pressed and even published!

  • Jenny Cutler

    think your photos are very very good.

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