My Creative Side

Just a couple of days ago, I celebrated my 100th blog post.  It has been less than a year since I started blogging and I really do feel like I have accomplished more that I had thought, and that my writing skills have improved.  I’m not sure that I would go so far as to say that writing is my favorite way to express my creativity, but it is getting up there.  I think my first choice would be through photography, which I hope is evident by looking at some of the various pictures I have put up throughout my blog posts.  I love being able to take a person or object or something from nature and capturing it from various angles, and then also using photo editing to enhance it further, if needed.  My love for photography has also led me down the path of scrapbooking and digital photobooks for a time.  I have had numerous gifts made for others using photos I have taken and am currently involved in another photography gift-making project.

Another way I express my creativity is with decoration/designing. I love to help friends select paint colors for their homes, or help them recreate a space in their home, and if we get to work on some kind of crafty project in the mean time, that is really fun for me too.  Last year I had the opportunity to take in my old engagement ring and wedding ring to a local jeweler and I designed a whole new ring, using the diamonds from both of the old rings.  It was so neat to take something and turn it into something completely different and unique, knowing I designed it.

My third way I express creativity is with my cooking.  I am a self-taught cook.  My parents were not the best cooks, and my mother preferred her food on the bland side.  I have watched cooking shows, perused cookbooks, gathered recipes off of the internet to start, and then would always add my own things to recipes, or would just make something up from scratch. It is often a trial-and-error approach, that most of the time turns out well. Just don’t ask me for the exact recipe, because it can often fluctuate 🙂

What are your favorite ways to express your creativity?


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11 responses to “My Creative Side

  • liannouwen

    Lovely post! I like to show my creative side every now and then as well. Mostly in baking, which I absolutely love. Another favorite is home decoration but I can’t really do much of that since I don’t have that much space in my house. Photography is something I’d like to do for a long time already but I don’t think I really have the talent for it, and I never try so I’ll never get talented 😉

    I’d love to hear more about your photography gift-making project!

    • Stacey

      Thank you! My new photography gift project is a photo book on Psalm 23. I am going verse by verse and trying to capture a picture of something that represents that verse. I am hoping to have it done by the end of the year so that I can give it as Christmas presents. I’ll try to do a more in depth post about it once I get more into it; I just started it.

  • Country Living

    Hi! I love your post! My creatie side would be the thrill of learning a new piano piece or writting! I love both!

  • Country Living

    No problem! Have a great weekend!

  • barb19

    Great post Stacey giving us more insight into yourself.
    Like you, I love photography and always have my camera with me ready for that “perfect” shot, although I still have much to learn!
    My other creative side is gardening. I love pottering in the garden, growing things from scratch and watching them grow. My vegie patch has given us much produce – there is nothing like growing your own and picking it fresh; it’s much tastier than buying from the shops!
    Your photography project around Psalm 23 sounds interesting.

  • heartcomplex

    let me start off by saying great job on your accomplishment! supper stoked for you! I think like you one of my favorite ways to express myself is threw photography and art, however i find this poetry to challenging and very expressive. And just like you it is slowly becoming a fun new way to express myself! keep up the good work! congratulation.

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