Girls Day Out

I took yesterday off from work, originally to use the time to prepare all my documents needed to get my taxes done today.  But it turned into more of a girls day out.  One of my great girl friends, Adie, came over to my house Tuesday night, to hang out with my roommates and I. She then spent the night and we got up Wednesday morning to start our fun day.  Our first stop was to the MAC store for a makeup makeover.  She has been using MAC for awhile and loves it.  She introduced me to it last November, but I have never used it.  So we got our makeup done by the artists there, using their new featured spring products.  Here’s a picture of my smoky green eyes:

And here is the completed look:

I got a lot of useful tips and advice during the makeover, and ended up walking away with a lot more product than I intended 😉 but was told by my makeup artist that I would be set for quite awhile.  Next we went to Sephora, another makeup/beauty store.  I had gotten a perfume fragrance sampler set at Christmas which contained 12 different fragrance samples and a coupon to redeem for one full sized bottle of my favorite of the 12 scents.  So I picked out the Bvlgari BVL II perfume…and I love it!

Then we stopped in Macy’s at the Clinque counter where my friend picked up some facial cleanser, lotion and toner. I had a credit on my Macy’s card, so I ended up picking up some moisturizer.  I have never used their skincare, but heard this is a great moisturizer.

We got really hungry after all of our pampering and shopping, so we headed over to Applebee’s for a delicious lunch. We started with some yummy spinach-artichoke dip, followed by steaks, with mashed potatoes and broccoli.  Then Adie had to go to school, and I really needed to work on my tax documents.  That took a couple of hours but hopefully it will be worth it (if I get a nice return).

It was a fantastic day with one of my best friends, and a great way to spend a rainy, cold day, and treating myself, which I do not do very often.

What are some ways you like to spoil yourself?  What are things you and your girl friends do when you get together?


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