If I had a million dollars….

Today’s post topic is to describe your dream vacation.  There are several places that I would love to go, and so I will give you the condensed dream multi-vacation.

I would start with a trip to South Africa.  I have always wanted to go on a safari. I would love to spend a few days on safari, camping out and exploring, seeing all of the animals in their natural habitat. Then take a helicopter ride over the jungle, to end up in Capetown, South Africa, where I would spend a few days relaxing on the beach and snorkling.  Then, hop on a plane to my next stop, Madrid, Spain, where I would spend a few days enjoying the city and all it has to offer.  Next stop, Paris.  I want to see the Eiffel Tower, check out the Louvre, and explore the city.  Then, head over to Italy for two weeks, going to all the big cities, enjoying all the pastas, sauces, gelato, just food in general! To end my vacation, I would love a Mediterranean cruise for a few days.  This dream vacation captures many elements, such as city life, culture, wilderness, natural habitats, travel by land, air and sea….sounds amazing huh?  Now I just need a great man to enjoy it all with me, because it would not be fun to do all by myself, and about a million dollars so that I can pay for it all and enjoy myself during my travels!

Now, off to buy a few lottery tickets 😉


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