Terrible Teacher

A teacher is someone who teaches, instructs, and leads others. They help someone learn a new fact, information, skill, or trade.

I think that each and every person that we meet in life has the ability to be a teacher to us, in some way, shape or form. Everyone has a unique talent or skill, interesting story, and life experience that you can let impact you, and help you grow, whether that be in knowledge, skill, emotionally, personally, etc. We can all be teachers, regardless of if that was our professional training/job or not.

But today’s daily post topic is to describe the worst teacher you have ever had.  So I am focusing on Mr. X (not his real name for privacy reasons).  Mr. X was my Spanish teacher during my junior year of college.  He was a short man, with dark hair and a thick, full beard, and a round belly that stuck out over his trousers, which were held up by suspenders.  He was a sight.

I had never taken Spanish before and needed it for my foreign language requirement.  I started off the class enthusiastic to learn a new language.  As it turns out, I do not have the ability to learn different languages easily.  I would ask my peers for some assistance with reading and homework and would often ask Mr. X for additional help and explanation, but he would not make himself available, answer my questions,  nor was he helpful at all. He left me to “figure it out” on my own.  Needless to say, I ended up failing the course and changing my major, to one that did not require a foreign language.  Now that I’m living in southern California, I am surrounded by a lot of Spanish speakers, and wish so much that I had been able to learn even a little bit of their language. 


What do you think are some characteristics of a bad teacher?  Do you have any bad teacher stories to share?


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8 responses to “Terrible Teacher

  • Papa Joe

    Great post Stacey. Gotta admit that I have yet to look to the suggested topic for inspiration. But if they’d said Best Teacher, I agree that would be a lot more fun.

    So who says you can’t write about your best teacher anyway? The suggested topic is just a suggestion to inspire you. Feel free to turn it around if you like. 🙂

    Have fun with it.

    – Papa Joe

  • frizztext

    a good teacher finds the smallest step for you, to walk on. a bad teacher only offers steps too tall. my best teacher: the guitarist featured in my article
    though I am aged 65 I still have fun, to learn from him 🙂
    P.S.: he speaks Spanish too, because he likes guitar music from South America …

  • aquatom1968

    I think a good teacher is someone who inspires you to learn something for yourself and want to work things out. A bad teacher is one who simply tells because they have to.
    I’m sorry you weren’t inspired in your Spanish lessons.

  • nrhatch

    I agree with AquaTom: “a good teacher is someone who inspires you to learn something for yourself.”

    No one teaches us anything ~ we teach ourselves. They can point the way, but we must do the work.

    We learned to walk by repeatedly getting up after falling down. We tried, we fell, we got up and started walking again.

    “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” ~ The Buddha

    So, if you want to learn Spanish . . . do it! Go get some tapes from the library and listen to them.

    Buenos Dias!

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