Sunday Summary for 2/6/11

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  After the many months of watching football on Sundays, Monday nights and a few Thursday night games, the big NFL Event is here (one of my two favorite EVENTS of the year).  Today’s ultimate match-up is between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers….who do you think will win?  My vote is Green Bay.  Cast your vote below.

I took advantage of the “post scheduling” option so that my Sunday Summary of my blog buddies posts would post today, since I knew I would be busy watching the big game.  Throughout the week I have viewed and commented on their posts and saved some of my favorites here, which I hope you will check out.  This week, though, I did not do a short summary of the post; only attaching the link to the post title.  This way it’s A) more of a surprise for you, but B) easier for me.

To Look for Hidden Opportunities

Quest for Love

7th Annual Medical Weblogs Awards: I’m a Finalist

An Empty Wallet

My Date

100th Blog Post

Is she going on 5 or 25?

What your birth order says about you

Grocery shopping in Portugal

The Red Feather

An Oar of Words

Freshly Pressed

I Love You

To Thy Own Self Be True


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