Terrible Tuesday

Today was one of those days that just did not start well.  I got up and got a pot of coffee going. I am that girl that needs the whole pot every morning just to function (yes, I realize this probably makes me an addict).

So I showered and dressed while the coffee was brewing, then went out to get my first cup.  I noticed that half the pot was gone. Then I noticed that the travel mug I use every day was also gone.  My coffee, my “morning life force” had been hijacked, by one of my roommates.  So I found a mug and poured a cup and sulked back to my room to finish getting ready for work.  Our cat kept getting under-foot and whining, annoying me to no end.  I looked at the clock and realized I was already 15 minutes late for work.  I left home, with one additional cup of coffee 😦  and proceeded to drive to work, and wouldn’t ya know it, hit every red light and then almost got hit by another car who did not look before changing lanes into mine.

I arrive at work finally, and of course someone is in “MY” parking spot, the same spot I park most every day.  I make my way to my office and for the next 2 hours, all sorts of things happened, such as getting bad news about a client, disagreements in instruction from multiple managers causing my workload to quadruple while trying to figure out how to use a new system that was just dumped on us last week with no training, and then trying to locate a missing client.    Thankfully, I got a much needed break away at lunch time and the rest of the afternoon turned itself around.  I got home a little bit early and am now making Stuffed Peppers, some comfort food, have some wine chilling in the fridge, and am awaiting the arrival of a great friend who is on her way over.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


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