1 down, 11 to go

That is, one month down of the postAday2011 challenge, 11 months to go.

WordPress asked us today to report how we are doing,what are your thoughts so far? Are you enjoying the challenge? What have you accomplished this month? What strategies and techniques are working best for you?

As for how I am doing, I have managed to post at least once, sometimes multiple times per day, with the exception of 3 days.  I have gained some great blog buddies that have offered a lot of encouragement and tips.  I have recently added additional pages and widgets to my blog and have learned how to schedule the publishing of posts, which has enabled me to write a few at a time and post them for different days.

I am enjoying it so far.  Just getting to know my blog buddies and other’s, and learning from them has been so helpful.  It has allowed me to gain some knowledge and confidence, and grow my blog, both in my writing/posts, as well as overall exposure – having others actually read it and comment.  I do find some of the daily topics are not always things that I like or relate to my blog.  It has challenged me to look beyond what the proposed topic is and think of something on my own and/or tweak their suggested post.

As far as accomplishments, I would say just still sticking with the challenge is an accomplishment for me, along with learning some of the technical aspects, such as the scheduling posts, posting video clips, etc.  I also have written some poetry (check out my Poetry in Motion page).

Overall, this has been a great experience so far and I look forward to the next months.


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10 responses to “1 down, 11 to go

  • classyrose

    The response to their question yesterday has been amazing. I was one of the early responses and all the rest landed in my mailbox. I had quite a time going through them and seeing all the positive comments. Everyone seems to be enjoying, you and me included. 🙂

  • Stacey

    oh gosh…that was probably a lot to go through, but it would have been nice to see everyone’s responses.

    • classyrose

      You just have to go back to the post to see them all. They were coming in fast and furious yesterday.

      Leave a reply or two to some of the comments and you might get some visits to your blog. I know I did. 🙂

  • Stacey

    I will do that…thanks!

  • Ashley Higashi

    I just came across your blog today in the tag feeder thing. It’s really pretty. I just started the postaday thing about a week ago. It’s gonna be hard! It’s nice finding other people going for the challenge to keep me motivated. And I am addicted to pretty photos 🙂

    • Stacey

      Thank you…and thanks for stopping by. Keep checking back for more. I will add you to my subscriptions and check on you to see how you are doing with the challenge.

  • 1961 Girl

    Hi Stacey.

    Great to have another newbie on board. We are all going through similar challenges and it is good to have our blogging buddies to hold our hands and help us on our way.

    Rose is fantastic at giving advice and is really gifted all all the technical ‘know how’. She has been a rock for me – bless her!

    As she suggested, it is a great idea to leave comments on other posts as people will often click through to check out your blog if they like the comment you’ve made.

    Good luck with the challenge – and thanks for subscribing to my post. It is good to meet you.

    • Stacey

      Hi Julie! I had seen you comment on Rose and Joe’s blogs and when I checked out yours, I also thought we were similar. I look forward to getting to know you more and keeping up with your blog. You can never have too many blog buddies and encouragement!

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