Evolution of a cell phone

I remember way back when cell phones first came out, well actually when car phones first came out.  Do you remember those?  They were installed into your car or you could get the “portable” ones with the huge bag attached to them.

Eventually, the hand held cell phones came out, but they were pretty large and “primitive” compared to todays phones.

My first cell phone was a Motorola flip phone, which was bulky at the top and then had this flimsy little piece that covered only the buttons that you flipped down to talk into, after you pulled up the antenna. The display was black with green numbers only.

Gradually phones started getting a little smaller is size and greater in feature options, including a color display, caller ID, and then some had the ability to have wallpaper and screen-savers.  Next came phones with different styles, such as the flip phones, phones that slide either up or down or side-to-side to reveal the keyboards, and now the touchscreen style.  Many different options/features are available, such as emailing, text messaging, video messaging, internet access, playing music and games, etc.

My cell phone, also termed a SmartPhone, is quite literally my little hand-held portable computer. It can do everything!  I dare say that I use it more for internet, music, keeping tract of appointments on it’s calendar, taking pictures and texting than I actually do for talking to others, which was the cell phones original purpose.  It is always with me and always on.  I am lost without it.

What is one piece of technology that you cannot live without? Why does it mean so much to you? That is today’s PostADay question.


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4 responses to “Evolution of a cell phone

  • Dillon

    Great pictures! I remember the Motorola Monsters, except ours had red numbers. But they were SO COOL! 🙂

  • Stacey

    LOL thanks! I grabbed them off the internet.

  • Charlie Courtois

    Hey Stacey,
    Now I will really date myself.
    After I sold my company in 2002, I got as far away from a telephone as I could. Now we have one telephone line, a speaker phone, and my honey, my wife, has a cell phone for security purposes. We never turn it on unless I need to communicate something urgent with my kids.

    Peace and quiet is the word for me. If somebody wants me they can leave me a message and when I get home I will answer it! All of my ministries I do by email which I find invaluable.

    But no more telephone than necessary. I might add that I made my living by telephone for 35 years, so enough is enough; no matter the technology! Take care, Charlie

    • Stacey

      wow! I remember when I would visit my dad and his landline phone was shared with some of the neighbors. You would randomly get the neighbors on your phone calls. Good for you though…sometimes I wish I wasn’t so attached/addicted to my phone.

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