How sweet the sound

What is your favorite sound?

I can’t pick just one.  Here are some of my favorites:

-a baby laughing/giggling

-fireworks exploding into the night sky

-when I get a text alert notifying me that someone commented on my blog posting 😉


-the ocean

-a talented instrumental musician

-complete silence when I’m sitting in God’s creation


What are some of your favorite sounds?

taken at Santa Monica pier


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8 responses to “How sweet the sound

  • classyrose

    You’ve mentioned most of my favourites except for two.

    The cardinal’s first song in February letting me know spring is almost here and besides the rain, watching and listening to a good thunderstorm. I love hearing all the cracks and booms but still get startled by the big ones! 🙂

  • Liz

    my favorite sounds are the ones that sometimes are calming…i love hearing the sounds of the ocean @ the beach..listening to the voice of God is also one of my favorite sounds…now that i am getting older all the sounds i hear mean more to me and i take the time to listen to those sounds…

  • Melanie Jongsma

    • The crisp-yet-muffled rustle of denimed legs swishing through leaf piles along the curb

    • The dramatic chord my Mac hums at start-up

    • Ice cubes clinking in glass, and the tiny applause of Diet Coke poured over them

    • Sudden, welcome silence after a large print job finishes at the copier next to my desk

    Great exercise, Stacey! Thanks for inviting us to participate.

  • Dillon

    I love rainstorms, thunderstorms (if it’s not too close; we get some scary lightening in the mountains), the sound of a grand piano when you push the damper pedal but before you play anything, and definitely snowstorms! I love the thick silence during a non-windy snowstorm, especially at night. 🙂

  • Charlie Courtois

    I guess that’s Malibu going north, Stacey, no?

    Looks cold and winter like. Ciao, charlie

  • Stacey

    I was reminded this morning of another favorite sound (and smell) ….the coffeemaker brewing me a nice, delicious pot of java to get me going in the morning.

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