Sunday Summary

It’s been a busy and emotional week for me.  I’ve dedicated this afternoon for some rest and relaxation, as I watch the NFL playoff games, cook some meals for the week, and review posts written by my blog buddies.  This week I have learned:

– There is power in prayer

– Blessings come when you least expect them

– The joy is in the journey, not the destination

– Sometimes what you are looking for and/or need is actually right in your own backyard, but the path to finding it uncovers a whole lot of other truths and exciting things

– Suffering happens to all of us; but how we handle it and react to it can separate us

– I can and did get over my fears of writing and putting myself out there (I wrote and posted my very first poem!)

– I have amazing friends

Now, onto the blog buddies reviews:

Dr. Skeptic’s post, Three Decades of Togetherness, is a tribute to his parent’s 29th anniversary. It was very sweet.

It’sHaphazard’s post, Courage, talks about her courage to tell her father she wanted to move out. It was in response to the postaday challenge on what is the most important thing you did in 2010.

Jettison continues to post an item per day that she is getting rid of, cleaning out her place.  I can related to some of her items, such as keeping empty contacts boxes in case I need to know what my prescription is when I need to order more (even though I could just call my eye doctor, who will have it on record and can order new ones for me) and keeping old boxes for my kitchen wares.

KittyCass reminds us how Google is a girl’s best friend!

LoneDiamond has set some new goals for herself…I look forward to seeing her work towards them, especially with writing a poem per week.  Let’s cheer her on!

myLifeDePressed shared with us that her man lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks on Weight Watchers!  Congrats!! I’m also glad that my suggestion of using a sharpie to label the points values on all her food ahead of time, could be a big help to her (thanks for the shout-out)

Raven had a few fun posts this week, including 5 question Friday, some random pictures, and a serious post involving her divorce and sharing a bit about struggles she has had, entitled Goodbye Alice.

Check out PrimaryThoughts post on encouragement.

PrismOfLove blogs about the use and abuse of modern technology.  She also talks about the growth she has had in the last year, noticing how she reacted much differently now to her car getting broken into than she would have last year.

ClassyRose is doing some housekeeping; changing up and updating her blog.  She has also been so great about sharing tips and advice for some of us newbies, such as websites that can help with technical stuff and increase our blog readability.

BabyBird reminds us all of common courtesy.  Think about how you interact with and treat others. Also her post What’s in a Name taught us the story and origin of her name, and inspired my post My Name is Stacey.


Those are my favorites for the week.  Make sure to check out all of their blogs and posts and leave them some love!


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6 responses to “Sunday Summary

  • BabyBird

    I love your “week in review” recap! 🙂 A nice summary to the week…
    I also like your comment on how the joy is in the journey, not the destination. How often we rush through life to get to that end point, be it graduation day, wedding day, etc. When it’s the journey to GET to that point that makes us who we are when we arrive at the destination. 🙂

    • Stacey

      Thank you! It’s so true…there are so many things for us to enjoy, learn from and gain when we take the time to reflect on the journey and what’s around us! And who knows, our destination might change in the end.

  • Charlie Courtois

    Hi Stacey!
    I must echo “BabyBird’s” comment for your week. After three years of writing on several blogs, I have learned that it takes a special breed of “animal” to write and look at a screen as much as bloggers do.

    My wife calls it an obsession. I refuse to admit it, but she is probably right! The world won’t change because of you and me, we will probably change because of it! Charlie. 🙂

    PS: Another week, another dollar in the whole as I used to say!

    • Stacey

      Thanks Charlie! This week my plan is to save the posts I like throughout the week so that on sunday it won’t take me so long to go back through each blog and posts. And I liked how you said we won’t change the world but will probably change because of it.

  • dePressed

    Hey Stacey – Thanks for the shout out – love you entries you are doing – I will link back to you this week. You’ve got a couple of posts that I want people to see!

    Keep writing!

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