My name is Stacey

While reading my blog buddy, BabyBird (Michele) post  “What’s in a Name” I decided to look at the origin of my own name.

The name Stacey comes from the Greek “Αναστασια” (Anastasia) and means “resurrection”. Stacey is actually a short form of Anastasia. This short form “Stacey” is not replicated in Latin, so your name in Latin would simply be “Anastasia“. Stacey is used in English speaking countries and can be used for both boys and girls.  I actually worked with a guy Stacey at my last job in NY.  We had to be called Stacey-girl and Stacey-boy by our coworkers, as the only way to distinguish us, since we even had the same spelling.

According to Babynamesworld, males named Stacey were much more popular than females named Stacey in the 1950’s, with over 800 males to under 600 females.  In the 1960’s, the name for both genders decreased significantly, both under 400. It wasn’t until 1980’s that it started to pick up popularity again, but initially much, much faster for boys.  You can check out the graph here.

I knew growing up that my parents had originally wanted to name me Jessica if I was a girl or Ryan if I was a boy.  But a few months before my arrival, came the arrival of a whole lot of Jessica’s, so my parents decided to change it to Stacey, a name that was not very popular at the time.  When I asked my mom about the spelling of my name, she just said she liked it that way, but now she wished she had spelled it with an “ie” instead of the “ey”.  I cannot tell you the number of times my name gets misspelled on a daily basis or I have to spell it, Stacey with an “E, Y”.

So that’s the story behind my name.  What’s your’s?  How did you get your name?


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