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Where’s the lake?

Today my friend Diane and I had decided we were going to work on one of our photo projects and the goal was to head up to the mountains to go to the lake, because I needed “still water” pictures from the lake, as well as some snow.  I so appreciate Diane’s willingness to go along with me on my project ideas and they always turn into some kind of memorable adventures.  Today was no different.  Our journey started out with missing our freeway exit, so we eventually realized it and turned around to back track to the right road.  Then we stopped at the first destination, but were pretty disappointed with the setting.  The “lake” was more like a tiny pond, and was full of metal and other objects, leaving it unable to be photographed.  We then headed up the big mountain towards our second destination.  Diane had been to this lake before but the road we tried to take was blocked off.  Then we drove around looking for another roadway in to the lake area.  We got lost and ended up going in circles.  We went off-road a bit and ran into some guys that tried to point us in the right direction.  Once we turned around, we went where they instructed us, and ended up where we started from, from the beginning…the blocked off road.  Diane knew of another way to get there by hiking in. So we went to park the car, and almost got hit by another car.  Once parked, we began our trek along the trail to look for the lake.  We came across some puddles and a small little creek, some snow, and turned over trees, blocking our path.  After hiking for awhile, and stopping to rest, we realized that there was actually a small lake, much more accessible, about 2 miles from MY HOUSE!  I have never been there, so I didn’t know about it.  Doesn’t it figure that sometimes the things you are seeking out and will spend so much effort and energy to find, can sometimes be right in front of you?  So we never found our lake today, but we enjoyed all the laughs along the way, and got to see some of the beauty that God put in our path (pun intended) as we hiked along the way….such as the beautiful, snow-capped mountains, the trails, the trees, the creek, the blue sky, and just enjoying the smell of the pine, and most of the peace and quiet only found deep into the trail, away from the cars, other people, and all the other cares of the world.

The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”  ~Don Williams, Jr.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it.”  ~Greg Anderson

Here are a few photos from today’s journey:


My name is Stacey

While reading my blog buddy, BabyBird (Michele) post  “What’s in a Name” I decided to look at the origin of my own name.

The name Stacey comes from the Greek “Αναστασια” (Anastasia) and means “resurrection”. Stacey is actually a short form of Anastasia. This short form “Stacey” is not replicated in Latin, so your name in Latin would simply be “Anastasia“. Stacey is used in English speaking countries and can be used for both boys and girls.  I actually worked with a guy Stacey at my last job in NY.  We had to be called Stacey-girl and Stacey-boy by our coworkers, as the only way to distinguish us, since we even had the same spelling.

According to Babynamesworld, males named Stacey were much more popular than females named Stacey in the 1950’s, with over 800 males to under 600 females.  In the 1960’s, the name for both genders decreased significantly, both under 400. It wasn’t until 1980’s that it started to pick up popularity again, but initially much, much faster for boys.  You can check out the graph here.

I knew growing up that my parents had originally wanted to name me Jessica if I was a girl or Ryan if I was a boy.  But a few months before my arrival, came the arrival of a whole lot of Jessica’s, so my parents decided to change it to Stacey, a name that was not very popular at the time.  When I asked my mom about the spelling of my name, she just said she liked it that way, but now she wished she had spelled it with an “ie” instead of the “ey”.  I cannot tell you the number of times my name gets misspelled on a daily basis or I have to spell it, Stacey with an “E, Y”.

So that’s the story behind my name.  What’s your’s?  How did you get your name?