Talk vs. Text

One of the postaday challenge topics was to talk abut whether you prefer to talk or text.  There are pros and cons for both.  With talking, you can hear the person’s voice, making it a little more personal/relational; there won’t be as much room to misinterpret what the person’s tone was for a particular statement;  it can take less time to just say it, rather than type it all out.  Cons for phone use would be that you might not always be in an environment where you can talk, such as a crowded, loud store or at your workplace that others around you will hear your whole conversation; and you might get “stuck” being on the phone with someone who wants to talk while you just wanted to tell them something really quickly.

Texting has seemed to take over, making phone calls seem more obsolete.  While it can be more convenient, it does tend to de-personalize a conversation.  Here is a video clip though, that points out another con for texting rather than talking….I bet if she were on the phone, watching where she was walking, this might not have happened.

I can sort of relate to this incident…while I did not fall into a fountain in a public mall, I have been known to walk into others and into doors/walls.   What have you walked into/fallen into while texting?  Which do you prefer:  talking or texting?


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