They say time heals all wounds.  My guess is this saying started with a doctor, referring to physical wounds.  Yes, the human body is amazing at healing itself, physically.  But what about emotionally?  When are you fully healed emotionally? How do you permanently forget the things that hurt you the most, scarred you to your core, or broke your heart?  I think time can lessen the overall affects of your emotions related to a significant emotional event, making you think you are over it or past it.  But then out of the blue, it can just sneak back upon you, crippling you emotionally, or just causing you to have a flood of negative emotions and self-doubt for an indefinite period of time.  That’s what’s happened with me the last couple of days. Hopefully, with a little time, ha ha, I’ll get my emotional healing.

Does this happen to any of you?  What do you do when you are feeling this way?


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4 responses to “Time

  • diane mann

    “Does this happen to you?”

    Sometimes I stay there a while a wallow in it all.
    Always it’s frustrating to have an owie resurface that you thought was healed.
    Eventually I go to Christ and ask Him to be with me in that pain, and He shows me more about Him and about myself in it all.
    But this is hard stuff, for sure!
    I find it’s important to not condemn yourself for being there again (I tend to go there) but to let God love you right where you are with it all. He really does tend to His sheep.
    Good for you for having the honesty to look at how you are really feeling right now. Time does one thing: It makes the initial wound farther away in time. It doesn’t heal, though, in my opinion.
    much love,

  • itshaphazard

    It doesn’t really heal those emotional kinds of wounds.. What just happens is that we tend to bury them and forget all about it, and what I can say as ‘heal’ is when someone brings up those things again and yet you don’t care anymore.

  • Stacey

    true…but how do you get to that point of not caring or not letting it affect you

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