Daily Archives: January 18, 2011


They say time heals all wounds.  My guess is this saying started with a doctor, referring to physical wounds.  Yes, the human body is amazing at healing itself, physically.  But what about emotionally?  When are you fully healed emotionally? How do you permanently forget the things that hurt you the most, scarred you to your core, or broke your heart?  I think time can lessen the overall affects of your emotions related to a significant emotional event, making you think you are over it or past it.  But then out of the blue, it can just sneak back upon you, crippling you emotionally, or just causing you to have a flood of negative emotions and self-doubt for an indefinite period of time.  That’s what’s happened with me the last couple of days. Hopefully, with a little time, ha ha, I’ll get my emotional healing.

Does this happen to any of you?  What do you do when you are feeling this way?


Paint the sky

While I am not much of a painter, I do have an appreciation for art.  Living here in Los Angeles, there are so many museums, art galleries, and opportunities to see and experience art around me. During my travels, I have even picked up a few paintings from locals in Zambia, Africa. But while I love them, they are not my absolute favorite.  Just like I think Van Gough, Monet,  Picasso, and Michelangelo are also amazingly talented, I do not consider them THE best painter.

My award for the best, most artistic painter in the world goes to……..


Just take a look at some of these pictures I have taken and see how God just paints the sky so beautifully.

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean in Virgina Beach

Sunset over the Nile River, Cairo, Egypt

Sunset in Zambia, Africa

View from my back yard last night

Another picture from my back yard last night

“You paint the morning sky, with miracles and lines” ~Jared Anderson; Amazed