Wacky advice

The topic for today with the postAday challenge is :  What’s the wackiest advice you’ve ever heard?

Answer:  Windex- it cures everything!

If you’ve ever seen the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, then you know what I’m talking about.  The main character’s father truly believes that Windex will cure anything, from a muscle ache, psoriasis, poison ivy, to healing a pimple, not to mention its usefulness when cleaning.   Although the makers of Windex did see a spike in consumer purchase of their product after the movie opened, they have made it known that Windex does NOT have any healing properties, and it will in fact irritate your skin, possibly causing more breakouts, if you try using it to zap away your zits.

Recently a friend of mine told me that her grandmother swears by apple cider vinegar, kinda like the Windex, but that you should drink the vinegar whenever you think you are getting sick.  I think there was some other things to do with it, but that’s the one part I remember.  I’m not a big vinegar fan and drinking a glass of it does not seem appealing, so I cannot tell you if it works or not.

On a more serious note, the best advice I have been given is always to pray about making a big decision and/or to sleep on it.  Giving yourself that extra time to really weigh the pros and cons, and taking a step back from the situation/decision can help bring some needed clarity.


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