I need some ideas

One of the big things I want to focus on this year is setting up, and sticking with a budget, and also trying to incorporate a menu plan. Can anyone give me any suggestions on either of these? What have you found useful, any website recommendations, etc? I really want to make sure that I get going on this soon, and am not too sure how to get started. Thanks!


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6 responses to “I need some ideas

  • Kim

    For budgeting, definitely Mint.com. We use it and love it! If you want to set savings goals, try SmartyPig.com.

    For meal planning, I have a binder of recipes that I like. Usually on weekends I’ll go through and pull out some recipes I want to make over the next week, and then make a grocery list based on those.

    I’ve also heard good things about http://relishrelish.com/, but it’s $7 a month and I haven’t used it.

    • Stacey

      Thanks Kim. I tried the Mint.com thing before, but I have BoA, and it does not keep up with it for some reason. Also, I wanted to tell you that PFB was offering the Dave Ramsey class…so I enrolled. It starts today for 13 weeks.

  • artofnom


    Try mint.com for budgeting. It’s free web based software that analyzes your expenses and helps you make a budget. They apparently make their money recommending financial products, but if you ignore the advertisements, it’s very useful. Though it did embarrass me by letting me know just how much I was spending on coffee when I first started using it.


  • Cathi

    How long in advance do you menu plan? I do mine a week at a time and it works well for me. Have you considered doing the Dave Ramsay course for financial planning?

    • Stacey

      I just signed up for the Dave Ramsey class…they were offering it at our church. Today was the first day. Lots to learn!

      As for the menu, I want to do it for a week at a time for now. If there are good deals at the market, I will use whatever extra I buy (like a buy one get one free) and incorporate that into another week’s menu. I just wanted ideas from those that have been doing it, on how to set it up, how to best plan each meal, and any other tips.

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