Why a blog?

What made you decide to start a blog? If you’ve blogged about this before, go back and read it. Is that still the reason? What’s changed?

 As you can read on my ABOUT page, I started my blog as a way to improve on my writing skills, and to have a place to write random thoughts, share funny stories, rant about things on my mind, share new recipes, meet new people with similar interests, and really just walk this journey of life with others.  

At work, I am consistently told that I am a good writer, with all of the reports that I have to write.  But my writing has always just been limited to work.  And while that’s nice, work is not my everything. I want my writing to more than limited to just work stuff.

 I have always admired people that have used journaling as a creative outlet, whether to keep a record of what’s going on in their lives, to share their secrets, or to work out the thoughts or questions in their heads.  For the last couple of years, I have asked close friends that journal to explain to me how they do it, any little suggestions on ways to get started and keep it up, etc. The idea of carrying around a small notebook though, did not appeal to me, especially given my tendency to lose things, or drop them, or misplace them, etc. and I did not want to have one more thing to carry with me. Then I saw a few friends start up a blog, and again, I admired it from a far, thinking that would be more my style, knowing I don’t carry it around with me, it stays in one spot, and is always there for me.  But I had a few big concerns:  1) I have no idea how to create a blog (I’m not super tech savvy); 2) who will read it/how do I get people to read it; and 3) what if people don’t like what I write/post/say or think my blog is stupid.  Those fears/concerns held me back. 

I eventually took the plunge in May 2010 by starting my blog and trying to learn how to set it up as I go.  I only posted here and there, and most of my topics were pretty superficial or short.  I just dabbled in it, trying to figure it out while trying not to offend anyone or writing what I think they might want to hear/know about me.  After mid-October, I kind of let it go for a bit until recently when WordPress announced the postAday challenge, which was also around the time I started realizing that I wanted to change my blog, to make it more about me.  I am really working on getting over my fears of who will read this and not caring so much about what people think, and challenging myself to just write whatever I feel like, whenever I want to, and to in grow my writing skills and meet new people along my journey.

I will welcome any thoughts, comments, questions, etc, and encourage you to leave me topics to blog about. You can do that on my Blog This page.


About Stacey

Life is a journey that I believe we are meant to walk together...so please Walk a Mile with me. View all posts by Stacey

8 responses to “Why a blog?

  • artofnom

    Hi Stacey! I understand your fears about blogging — I have the same ones. But I am reading your writing, and am impressed that you’ve managed to blog every day… amazing.

    By the way, I noticed in your previous post that you also work with people with disabilities. So do I, so I hope you write more about what led you to that career at some point.

  • Rajiv

    “I am really working on getting over my fears of who will read this and not caring so much about what people think, and challenging myself to just write whatever I feel like, whenever I want to, and to in grow my writing skills and meet new people along my journey.”

    This is All about it. Even I blog to get rid of the fears and also to learn to write better and better. Daily post has given an opportunity where we can learn to share and learn to evolve …

  • narcissisticraven

    I can relate to your concerns. I always worry that my blogging will be a) to personal b) not personal enough c)to juvenile d) to deep e) to shallow f) too raw… But when push comes to shove my entire reason to blog is to allow myself an outlet for what ever and where ever I am at any given moment with feeling the need to apologize for it. To be completely free to express myself without fear of upsetting anyone.
    Keep blogging for you and it will all be great in the end. It’s not the destination that defines us…it’s all the minutiae between that takes our breath away and leaves us searching for more;-)

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