I came across a new blog today that focus’s on photography, specifically using Sepia tones, called Sepia Scenes.  I do have an interest in photography, so it looked rather interesting.  She put out a challenge a little while back to put up a picture each week, with the sepia tone, which you can read about here.  The picture could be about anything – a landscape, a portrait, a city scene, a country scene – ANY photo that you have taken, but it will be in sepia. Then you link back to her site.

Here is the picture, well, 2 pictures, I have selected for this week:

















I took these 2 pictures while at California Adventures, walking around the practically deserted boardwalk.  It brought up memories of being a young girl, going to a carnival, and then seeing the empty benches, that just made me want to sit and be reflective of life and my surroundings, with nothing but calm and peace around me.

What do you see, think, feel when you look at these pictures?


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