Blog Buddies

Today, put it out there that two of their bloggers had teamed up to help each other out with their blogs, by encouraging each other and checking in with each other, to make sure that they were following their goal, whether it was the PostADay or PostAWeek challenge. They asked if anyone else wanted a “blog buddy” to post a comment and browse the other bloggers to find your own “blog buddy”.

I loved the idea of this for many reasons. #1 It will keep me accountable. I always say I am going to do things, and have the best intentions with keeping to what I said. But I know that if I don’t have anyone keeping me accountable, I can easily get off track. #2 It is a great way to meet other people and get inspiration, personally and for my own blog. #3 It also provides for additional traffic to my blog, and the blog of my buddy, and gives us opportunity to encourage and learn from each other.

So I happily accepted this proposition and ended up with a few blog buddies. Please check them out. They are listed over to the right under the Blog Buddy tab.


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