Daily Archives: January 6, 2011


Are you stressed out right now? (If so, why? If not, why not?)

 That’s the topic for today’s PostADay2011 challenge.  And my answer is most definitely YES.

 Normally I enjoy shopping, especially when I have a few extra dollars and I know that there are sales.  I find it fun to see what’s out there that I can get the best possible deal for.  I also like going to flea markets/estate sales and yard sales to look for hidden treasures and then trying to talk them down to a lower price.  I look at it as a challenge.  But now the item I’m shopping for, is a larger priced item, and it involves other people, ones that like to put pressure on you, and hound you and follow you around and try not to let you leave without getting you to make that purchase, and they enjoy taking advantage of young, single women, who they think don’t know any better……I am car shopping.

 This, so far, has been the single most dreaded kind of shopping for me, each time I have to do it (I imagine it will be this way when I eventually want to buy a house).  I am currently leasing my car, and the lease is up.  It is my 2nd leased vehicle and this time around, I really would prefer to purchase a car, but not sure if it will work out financially, as leasing really is the less expensive option.  The last time I went car shopping was 3 years ago and it was not a joyful experience.  It took several days, many phone calls from them hounding me, frustration over money/the bottom line, etc. and it was just overall very stressful, both mentally and physically.  So here I am, having to do this all over again, and really not looking forward to it, but trusting that it will all work out.  I have gotten some good tips from friends, such as types of cars, what county to purchase in, discounts through Costco and AAA, and have made a list outlining the things that I know are non-negotiable and what can be options, if the price is right.  The appointments begin tomorrow and hopefully this will all be over by Sunday….wish me luck!