Wild Animal Park

Back in October, I went with my friend Hayley to the Wild Animal Park near San Diego, CA.  It was cold and rained the whole time, but we made the best of it and loved it!

I love going to zoo’s, animal parks, and anywhere where you can experience animals, nature, and the beauty and wonder that God has surrounded us with.  I also love taking pictures…so I combined the 2 and here are some of my favorite shots from the day.  Please comment on which is your favorite. (Please do not copy, alter, or reproduce these images without prior consent from me.)


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One response to “Wild Animal Park

  • diane mann

    My response to this is rather than seeing one that is my favorite, I am noting the variety and seeing how creative God is! Also the animals seem to be just resting in who they are. The lion isn’t wishing she had spots, and the rhino isn’t whining about how unfair it is that the giraffe was given such a long, slender neck!

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