Where would I go

Today is day 1 of the WordPress PostADay2011 challenge. Today’s topic is: List three countries you’d like to visit, and why you want to go.

The top 2 for me are a tie. I would love to go to Peru and Brazil. The main reason is that I sponsor 2 children through COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL, and my boy, Christian, lives in Peru, and my girl, Nadrielle, lives in Brazil. I would love to be able to one day visit both of them, just loving on them and getting to know them in person, not just by way of letters and pictures, and be able to hug them and play games with them. I also love to travel and experience new cultures.

The third country I would love to go is Italy. I am part Italian, and I love Italian food, and it would be amazing to get back to my roots, see where my family is from, and just experience all of the richness and beauty and culture of Italy.

Where would you go?


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One response to “Where would I go

  • diane mann

    Probably England for the same reason you would go to Italy. Lots of my ancestors came from there.
    The Holy Land.
    …Gee, I’m terribly uncurious about other cultures. I cannot think of a third place I’d love to visit!

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