New year, new beginning(s)

Happy New Year and welcome 2011. I don’t know about you, but 2010 was not one of my favorite years. A lot of change and heartbreak. And hopefully a lot of growing will come from it. I was looking back and realized it has been WAY too long since my last blog post so one of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more consistent with blogging.

In the spirit of keeping this resolution, I have accepted a challenge from WordPress for 2011 to blog more often. You can read about it here. They will email you a daily topic or you can opt for a weekly topic, depending on how frequently you wish to blog. I am getting the daily topics, with the hope that I can at lease blog once a week! Please hold me to it.

What are some of you New Year’s resolutions? What were your favorite moments from 2010?


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4 responses to “New year, new beginning(s)

  • diane mann

    I like it that you’re accepting the challenge to blog more often.
    2010 was for me one of those years to which it is difficult to say Goodbye.
    And I have not really made a resolution, though I did buy myself a calendar called “Calendar for Dummies,” so somewhere there must be a resolve to manage my time better!
    Today my Sunday school teacher told us something interesting, that God has resolved to always love us and always be present to us! That was pretty cool to realize. And he can redeem our resolutions anew each day. I’ll look forward to whatever God or WordPress inspires in you to write, Stacey!

  • diane mann

    P.S. Stacey, re the heartbreaks of 2010, ouch :/ God will do new things in those broken places. I love seeing what He does in you as you respond to His love.

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