Fall Fun

On Saturday, my friend Diane took me to this small city called Oak Glen. I had previously mentioned to her that I had wanted to get together to hang out but also to take pictures out in nature, as it is something that we both like to do and a way that God speaks to her. She had mentioned this place, thinking that it would remind of back home (upstate NY). I LOVED IT!

Here is a little background info about the city: It is one of Southern California’s most scenic spots year-round. The cool mile-high climate provides a beautiful change of seasons. Apple orchards cover the slopes laden with blossoms in the spring and apples in the fall. You can visit orchards, taste fresh picked apples and cider, pick your own apples or berries, enjoy hot apple pie, feed the animals in the animal park, or browse through the specialty shops in the Glen. Some of the places even had wine tasting available (which I of course had to sample). Oak Glen is located 90 minutes from Los Angeles on the way to Palm Springs.

One of the things I miss about living back in NY is the change of seasons. Fall was my absolute favorite. I loved the cooler, crisp temperature, the beautiful fall foliage (as orange and red are my favorite colors), the abundance of apples, pumpkins, squash and other vegetables, the smell of hot apple pie and the taste of cool apple cider, and the different festivals, such as the pumpkin festival and the apple festival. So this place really brought that little bit of home to me, here in southern California. The only thing missing was the the cooler temperature – it was 90 degrees on Saturday, and the leaves hadn’t changed color.

Diane and I sampled lots of varieties of apples, I had some wine, we sampled other foods, such as cheeses, jams, and sweets, and we both got caramel candy-covered apples. We also saw some animals, but mostly just enjoyed being surrounded by the scenery and letting God speak to us through his creation. It was a picture-perfect day, it many ways. I have included a few of my favorite pics that I took. I would love your feedback on them.



















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