ukulele? me?

I am on the social committee at my job. Every year, towards the end of August, we have “Beach Bash” day, which is a fundraiser where we have burgers, chips, watermelon, a volleyball contest, and other fun activities, which change each year. This year we are having a hula contest and water balloon contest, along with a fun photo booth, best Hawaiian themed costume, and entertainment.

During our meeting Wednesday afternoon, I had volunteered to help with entertainment for NEXT year, so that I would have time to learn how to play and practice a ukulele. Somehow though, by the end of the meeting, I was given the ukulele and music and am now playing this coming Monday! I was not able to practice Wednesday night or yesterday and had no idea how the songs even went.

Today I met with another coworker and we practiced some of the chords and she sang to me how the songs go. So this weekend, I will be busy learning how to play the ukulele and figuring out how to get over my fear of performing for large crowds. wish me luck! and…if you know where I can get a Hawaiian themed outfit, I would appreciate the info.


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