good news/bad news

Well I went to see the spinal orthopedic surgeon yesterday. He reviewed my x-rays and did a quick exam and decided that surgery was not necessary at this point. He did refer me for physical therapy for 4 weeks, so now I am just waiting for the insurance company to approve it so it can get started.

Today I was able to sleep in, which I desperately needed. Then Kristen and I went to get pedicures 1) so I could get out of the house, and 2) because I owed her for her birthday. Look how cute mine turned out:
I decided to go for something different: black with white tips, and a white and silver line design with red stone accents.

When we got home, we brought the mail inside. Kristen informed me that I received a jury summons 😦 I have never received a jury summons, and this was really not the best time for it, since I have been out of work for 2 weeks because of my back. To make it worse, when I opened it, the date it starts is on MY BIRTHDAY 😦 I am hoping that when I call in, that they won’t need me, so that I can enjoy my birthday. At least it’s not for another month.


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One response to “good news/bad news

  • Cathi

    I have received probably 10 Jury Duty summons in my life. I’ve had to show up only twice and had to actually serve on a jury just once. It’s not likely you will get stuck but don’t worry about it. You might find it interesting 🙂 Cute toes!!! lol

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