Would you Rather?

Would You Rather be offered your dream job tomorrow OR meet your dream guy tomorrow?
I would like to meet my dream guy. I like my job and with this economy, I am very grateful to have a job, especially one where I get to help others. The only thing missing is my dream guy.

Would You Rather have unlimited money or the ability to Teleport?
The MONEY!! It would be awesome to pay off some debt, buy my own place, be able to travel, donate to my favorite charities, etc. I think there is a ton more benefits to having the money.

Would You Rather always take a cold shower or sleep an hour less than you need to be fully rested?
I have to have a hot shower, always! so I will give up the hour of sleep. I don’t sleep that much as it is, so I’m never fully rested, so it wouldn’t be much of difference.

What would your answers be?


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2 responses to “Would you Rather?

  • Kristen Marcellini

    1) I would rather have my dream job. Serving Christ is my goal, and being a nurse overseas is all i want to focus on, to have eternal perspective. A man will/may not make me ultimately happy, but doing God’s will would.
    2) I would rather teleport. I am a huge star trek fan and I would rather “beam me up Scotty” than drive for hours or fly for hours. Plus it would be cheaper to get to the places that are in need half way or more around the world.
    3) I would rather have hot water, it is the most amazing and relaxing thing God has given us. I already get one hour less of sleep as it is, and that is what naps are for.

    • staceyarcher

      oh Kristen…LOL. I knew you were a Trekkie and your answer is so appropriate. I admire your dream job and if I had the unlimited money, I would totally support you 🙂 and hot water sure is a gift from God!

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